Who would you be hosting?

The people you'd be hosting are people like your friends or family, only that they have fallen on hard times. The alternative for most families is being placed in a B&B, often miles away from their home and their child’s school.

Do I get paid for putting my guests up?

Hosts will be paid £20 per night for a double room. That works out at £140 a week or £1,120 if the placement lasts eight weeks. For a single bedroom the rate is £15 per night, and for a triple bedroom the rate is £25 a night. Funding for hosts comes from Croydon Council's temporary accommodation budget.

Why should I do it?

Hosts will get to enjoy an interesting experience and meet people they might have never otherwise met. And they’ll get to know they’re making a real difference to people’s lives.

Where did the idea for Fairbnb come from?

Fairbnb was borne out of the Croydon Opportunity & Fairness Commission, a year-long commission that looked at how Croydon can be improved for residents. The Commission's report can be accessed here.

Is Fairbnb a business?

Fairbnb is currently running in Croydon. When it is rolled out to the rest of London, it will be a social enterprise - which means that any profit made will be reinvested into Fairbnb so we can do more to tackle homelessness.